Open house held at new fire station

More than 1,000 people toured the recently completed Union Township firehouse headquarters at an open house Aug 1.

Union Township Trustee Matt Beamer said that there has been an extraordinary interest in the new 150,000 square foot firehouse and that the open house was a way of satisfying that interest.

“People who have seen it being built in the past year or so have repeatedly asked about the facility and have avidly tracked its progress,” he said. “Today is our chance to open the doors to the public and give them a sneak peek at this unique building.”

What makes it so unique is that there is a firehouse down below and a water tower up above. Three floors were built into the base of the 130 foot water tower for the new headquarters.

The new fire station, which will double as the new administrative headquarters for the fire department, is located inside the two million gallon water tower that sits next to Union Township’s Veteran Park.

The cost of building the new fire station will be shared by Union Township taxpayers at an estimated cost of $1.7 million. The tower itself was built by the county at an estimated cost of $3 million.

“I feel that this a definite enhancement for Union Township citizens,” said Union Township Fire Department Captain Mark Wilhelm. “It is the direct result of a conglomeration of agencies coming together for the benefit of citizens in Clermont County to get a double bank for their tax paying dollars.”

Visitors at the open house were invited to stroll at leisure through the new facility. They were able to view and tour the fire trucks and ambulances (which thrilled the kids), view where the more than 60 firefighters and emergency medical personnel will sleep, eat, and attend classes, see the administrative offices, and socialize with the personnel who will take up residence there on Aug. 8.

Beechmont residents Gene and Joan Luehrmann attended the open house and said that they were amazed at the result.

“We wanted to tour the new building today because we walk in Veteran’s Park all the time and have seen the construction taking place,” Gene Luehrmann said. “We were interested in seeing it and now that we have, I can say that it is one of the most amazing engineering feats that I have ever seen.”