Amelia, Tealtown, Milford win Knothole titles

The 51st Annual Clermont County Knothole Tournament is at or near the final round in each of the 14 respective classes.

In the three classes completed, the Amelia Giants earned the title in Class A Senior, the Tealtown Redhawks in Class C Senior Gold Division, and the Milford Tigers won the Class D Senior Silver Division.

Milford, Tealtown, and Withamsville-Tobasco lead the way with the most teams remaining in the hard-fought tourney. Goshen, Amelia, and Bethel have the second-highest number. Batavia, Clermont Northeastern, Williamsburg, and New Richmond are also still represented.

Some of the community franchises are being rather stingy this year. In the Class B Senior Gold Division it is an all-Milford finale, in the Class B Junior Gold Division it is an all-Bethel final, and in the Class C Senior Gold Division it is an all-Tealtown championship.

Following are the results of the most recently played showdowns.

Class A Senior

Winners bracket: Tealtown Unit ununited Clermont Northeastern Wolfpack, Amelia Giants towered over Tealtown Lions, Tealtown Bats unplugged Tealtown Unit, and Amelia Giants stood tall over Tealtown Bats.

Losers bracket: Clermont Northeastern Wolfpack surrounded Withamsville-Tobasco Hornets, Williamsburg Wildcats de-electrified Withamsville-Tobasco Unit, and broke Tealtown Bats 4-3.

Championship game: Amelia Giants nipped Williamsburg Wildcats 7-6.

Class A Junior

Winners bracket: Goshen Bulldogs outsportsmanned Milford Athletics, Withamsville-Tobasco Blue Jays outflew Clermont Northeastern Rockets, Bethel Tigers gnarled Goshen Bulldogs, and Bethel Tigers brought down Withamsville-Tobasco Blue Jays.

Losers bracket: Goshen Sluggers fizzled Amelia Hurricanes, Goshen Sluggers red and grayed Batavia Green Machine, Tealtown Dragons scorched Milford Athletics, Goshen Sluggers punched out Goshen Bulldogs, Tealtown Dragons defused Clermont Northeastern Rockets 5-4, Tealtown Dragons legendaried Goshen Sluggers, and Withamsville-Tobasco Blue Jays squawked Tealtown Dragons 7-4.

Class B Senior Gold Division

Winners bracket: Batavia Braves outfought Tealtown Spartans, Milford Longhorns stabbed Withamsville-Tobasco Panthers, Milford Bombers shelled Batavia Braves, and Milford Longhorns shot down Milford Bombers.

Losers bracket: Clermont Northeastern Sliders white castled Amelia Cardinals, Clermont Northeastern Sliders outran New Richmond Running Rebels, Goshen Tigers thermopylaed Tealtown Spartans, Clermont Northeastern Sliders dove past Batavia Braves, Goshen Tigers outsped Withamsville-Tobasco Panthers, and Clermont Northeastern Sliders headfirsted Goshen Tigers.

Class B Senior Silver Division

Winners bracket: Clermont Northeastern Raiders routed Tealtown Cougars, Tealtown Lightning electrified Milford Mariners, and Tealtown Lightning shocked Clermont Northeastern Raiders.

Losers bracket: Bethel Heat blew out Goshen Hurricanes, Withamsville-Tobasco Cougars tore up Bethel Red Sox, Milford Mariners cooled Bethel Heat, Withamsville-Tobasco Cougars melloncamped Tealtown Cougars, Milford Mariners drowned Withamsville-Tobasco Cougars, and Clermont Northeastern Raiders plankwalked Milford Mariners 9-4.

Class B Junior Gold Division

Winners bracket: Bethel Rangers arrested Amelia Bulldogs 6-0, Bethel Reds cincinnatied Amelia Astros 6-2, and Bethel Rangers painted Bethel Reds 10-6.

Losers bracket: Milford Mets disarmed Tealtown Tomahawks, Milford Mets sandwiched New Richmond Hawks 4-1, Tealtown Terrors terrorized Goshen Diamondbacks 13-7, Amelia Astors blasted Milford Mets 5-3, Amelia Bulldogs scared Tealtown Terrors 6-5, Amelia Bulldogs houstoned Amelia Astros 15-6, and Bethel Reds discolored Amelia Bulldogs 11-1.

Class B Junior Silver Division

Winners bracket: Amelia Gators digested Williamsburg Bearcats, Withamsville-Tobasco Eagles submerged Amelia Gators, New Richmond Diamondbacks outsnaked Batavia Cobras 6-2, and New Richmond Diamondbacks defeathered Withamsville-Tobasco Eagles.

Losers bracket: Goshen Sharks jawed Clermont Northeastern Reds, Milford Cobras imprisoned Tealtown Pirates 15-10, Goshen Sharks hugginsed Williamsburg Bearcats, Milford Cobras toxined Withamsville-Tobasco Redhawks 15-5, Batavia Cobras detoothed Goshen Sharks 25-5, Milford Cobras dunked Amelia Gators 9-8, and Batavia Cobras outhypnotized Milford Cobras 6-5.

Class C Senior Gold Division

Winners bracket: Tealtown Redhawks strafed Tealtown Panthers, Batavia Bulldogs snapped Tealtown Cherokees 12-11, and Tealtown Redhawks quarantined Batavia Bulldogs.

Losers bracket: Milford Red Sox covered Williamsburg Blue Jays, Amelia Hot Shots slowed down Milford Panthers, Tealtown Cherokees (Gators) confused Milford Red Sox, Amelia Hot Shots trapped Tealtown Panthers, Tealtown Cherokees (Gators) befuddled Amelia Hot Shots, and Tealtown Cherokees (Gators) pounded Batavia Bulldogs.

Championship game: Tealtown Redhawks reservationed Tealtown Cherokee.

Class C Senior Silver Division

Winners bracket: Amelia Killer B’s buzzed Milford Tigers 11-7, Milford Cougars unfurred Withamsville-Tobasco Wolves, Amelia Killer B’s san juaned Milford Rough Riders, and Amelia Killer B’s bedeviled Milford Cougars.

Losers bracket: New Richmond Pirates robbed Tealtown Eagles 10-6, Milford Tigers eliminated New Richmond Pirates, Goshen Tomahawks hacked New Richmond Lions 5-1, Milford Tigers softened Milford Rough Riders, and Withamsville-Tobasco Wolves gobbled up Milford Tigers.

Class C Junior Gold Division

Winners bracket: Clermont Northeastern Swarm swarmed Amelia Dodgers, Tealtown Scorpions surprised Goshen Warriors, Withamsville-Tobasco Seminoles walkered the Tealtown Rangers, Milford Wingers kipped Tealtown Tigers, Tealtown Scorpions scattered Clermont Northeastern Swarm, Milford Wingers debraed Withamsville-Tobasco Seminoles, and Milford Wingers skyed by Tealtown Scorpions.

Losers bracket: Milford Warriors dodged Amelia Dodgers, Goshen Warriors ate Bethel Tigers, New Richmond Stingers chucknorrised Tealtown Rangers, Tealtown tigers burst past Amelia Panthers, Milford Warriors conquered Goshen Warriors, Tealtown Tigers plucked out New Richmond Stingers, Withamsville-Tobasco Seminoles evergladed Milford Warriors, Tealtown Tigers broke up Clermont Northeastern Swarm, and Withamsville-Tobasco defied Tealtown Tigers.

Class C Junior Silver Division

Winners bracket: Withamsville-Tobasco Bearcats texased New Richmond Rangers, Batavia Blaze tortured Bethel Pirates, Goshen Braves bravely beat Withamsville-Tobasco Bearcats, and Batavia Blaze outrhymed Goshen Braves.

Losers bracket: Tealtown Thunder rolled Clermont Northeastern Raptors, Felicity Double T cleansed Batavia Mud Dawgs, Tealtown Thunder clouded New Richmond Rangers, Bethel Pirates halved Felicity Double T, Amelia Redskins quieted Tealtown Thunder, and Withamsville-Tobasco Bearcats pittsburghed Bethel Pirates.

Class D Senior Gold Division

Winners bracket: Tealtown Pirates detaloned Milford Eagles 9-1, Withamsville-Tobasco Stingers choked Amelia Dusters 8-7, Goshen Storm tidalwaved Tealtown Pirates 8-5, and Withamsville-Tobasco Stingers weathered Goshen Storm 10-2.

Losers bracket: Amelia Raiders penned up Clermont Northeastern Tigers 15-9 and Tealtown Vipers 17-9, Milford Eagles unheaddressed Felicity Indians 13-5, Milford Eagles swept Amelia Dusters 7-4, Tealtown Pirates outsurprised Amelia Raiders 19-3, Milford Eagles screamed by Tealtown Pirates 16-6, and Goshen Storm wet nested Milford Eagles.

Class D Senior Silver Division

Winners bracket: Williamsburg Wildcats lowered Withamsville-Tobasco Titans 11-10, Milford Tigers sold out Withamsville-Tobasco Hawks 13-5, and Milford Tigers trained Williamsburg Wildcats 16-1.

Losers bracket: Withamsville-Tobasco Titans splashed Clermont Northeastern Blazers 16-8, Withamsville-Tobasco Hawks dropped Goshen Vipers 18-10, and Williamsburg Wildcats titaniced Withamsville-Tobasco Titans 1

Championship game: Milford Tigers osborned Williamsburg Wildcats 13-11.

Class D Junior Gold Division

Winners bracket: Clermont Northeastern Rockets washkoed New Richmond Mustangs 8-6, Teattown Pirates cannonaded Withamsville-Tobasco Bombers 12-1, Tealtown Blackhawks gravitized Clermont Northeastern Rockets 4-3, and Tealtown Pirates blackbearded Tealtown Blackhawks 15-10.

Losers bracket: Bethel Power outaged Bethel Red Sox 11-3, Goshen Gators zimmered Bethel Power 2-1, Felicity Bandits masked New Richmond Mustangs 9-8, Goshen Gators vonbrauned Clermont Northeastern Rockets 18-8, Felicity Bandits escaped Withamsville-Tobasco Bombers 10-9, Goshen Gators handcuffed Felicity Bandits 13-12, and Goshen Gators chewed Tealtown Blackhawks 5-1.

Class D Junior Silver Division

Winners bracket: Amelia Dragons enflamed Goshen Black Sox 17-9, Batavia Bulldogs repelled Goshen Rebels 11-9, and Amelia Dragons dragged down Batavia Bulldogs 8-7.

Losers backet: Amelia Cobras sprayed New Richmond Warriors, Goshen Black Sox threw Amelia Cobras, Goshen Rebels overcame Williamsburg Titans 18-15, Goshen Rebels seceded Goshen Black Sox 16-7, and Goshen Rebels revolutionized Batavia Bulldogs 3-2.