Joyride turns disastrous

Two Clermont County teenagers fled the scene of an accident after crashing an automobile into the living room of an Amelia residence July 26.

The single car crash occurred at 9:39 p.m. at the Gast residence on Loch Lamond Drive just north of Amelia.

According to Ohio State Highway Patrol Lieutenant Paul Hermes, the preliminary investigation has revealed that a 13-year-old Amelia resident had taken his mother’s 1999 Ford Taurus without permission.

He then picked up a 17-year-old friend and Amelia resident before going on what authorities have described as a joyride through the county.

The 13-year-old was on his way home when he lost control of the Taurus. Swerving off the left side of Loch Lamond Drive, he struck a ditch and toppled a fir tree before crashing through the front of the Gast residence.

Mr. Gast and his pregnant wife, who could not be reached for comment, told the police who responded to the scene that they had just gone upstairs when they heard what sounded like an explosion.

Upon coming downstairs, they saw the automobile sitting in their living room.

By this time, both juveniles had fled the scene.

Deputies from the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office immediately responded to the residence of the vehicle owner, where the boys were found.

They were both arrested and charged with the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and complicity.

No one was hurt in the crash which remains under investigation.