Clermont Fair was a great success

The Clermont County Fair, which took place July 23-29, has been deemed a great success.

“The fair was once again a success for all those involved and for all those who participated,” said Fair Board Director Harold Herron. “The balmy weather could not have been more cooperative. We only had one morning of severe rain. Overall, there were no problems to speak of.”

According to Herron, attendance for the week was up from previous years, especially for motorized events like the tractor/truck pulls and the two nights of demolition derbys.

“Well, the destruction nights really bring the county out to the fairgrounds,” he said. “I do not have a specific count, but we estimate over 100,000 people came throughout the week. I know for sure that we had a record crowd on Saturday night. Everyone was excited and had a great time.”

Herron said that the personal highlight of the fair for most people, including himself, are the animals on display, the livestock sales, the cloverbud pet parade, and the dedication of the junior fair participants.

This year, the cloverbud pet parade included costumed dogs, cats, lambs, pigs, goats, miniature horses, chickens, sheep, llamas, and alpacas.

“I just cannot say enough about these kids. If it were not for these admirable young people, we would only have a street fair. The animals give our fair that something extra special every year; it provides the country flavor that the Clermont County Fair is known for,” Herron said. “It is a sad but enjoyable day for all those kids who sell the animals that they have raised from birth. The animals become a part of their lives and the livestock sale experience is very difficult and emotional for these kids. Watching them handle that with maturity and grace truly warms my heart.”

Herron also announced that fair organizers will be building new restrooms for next year.

“There needs to be restrooms located in the back of the fairgrounds,” he said. “There are so many events near the horse barns and horse arenas that the time has come to provide facilities in that part of the grounds.”

Fair Board President William Scharber said that the Clermont County Fair is the best fair in the state and that this year proved it beyond any doubt.

“One need only join the tradition of coming to the fair to see what we are all about,” he said. “I am very proud of all the many people who worked so hard on making it the enjoyable experience that people have come to expect over the years.”