Cardboard Boat Regatta will be held in New Richmond Aug. 19

The 14th annual New Richmond Cardboard Boat Regatta will take place on the shores of the Ohio River Aug. 19.

Part of the RiverDays celebration, the Regatta will be hosted by WLW radio personality Gary Eubanks.

The challenge of the Regatta is to design and build a person-powered corrugated cardboard boat capable of racing the 200 yard course of the Ohio River shoreline.

Boats should be designed and built prior to the day of the race.

Boats may be powered by canoe paddles, oars, kayak paddles, or muscle power.

New Richmond resident and Village council member Ray Perszyk (aka “Cardboard Boat Ray”) said that this year’s event should be the best ever.

“The event brings out that old team spirit and ingenuity that can only be found in a few pieces of cardboard and strips of duct tape,” said Perszyk. “We are looking for competitors.”

Many awards will be given out on the day of the races. In addition to the fastest multi-crew and single-crew boats, this year they have added a youth category (for boats crewed by kids age 16 or under).

Other awards include a titanic award for the most spectacular sinking, the most creative award for the best use of cardboard, and a people’s choice award for the crowd’s favorite.

There will also be a “cardboard cup” award for the winner of the last race of the day, open to all boats still afloat.

Finally, there is a $50 cash prize for the overall fastest boat.

“It is a fun event for families, groups, clubs, and all those wannabe ironpersons looking for a new challenge,” said Perszyk.

Entry fee is $15 for a single-crew and $25 for a multi-crew. The entry deadline is Aug. 10.

Entry forms and rules are available online at, local New Richmond businesses, or by calling Jill at (513) 553-4146. Free cardboard, while supplies last, is available at New Richmond Auto Sales.