East Clinton won the boys track and field championship of the Southern Buckeye Conference National Division. The Astros (EC) scored 135 points, Blanchester (Bl) 94, Batavia (B) 83, Williamsburg (W) 76, Felicity (F) 61, and Georgetown (G) 58.

Felicity senior Billie Elkins paced the men of Clermont County winning three events on a rainy, cold day on the Bethel-Tate High School track.

Following are the results of each event and the distances and times.


Josh Ison (B) 122-4.5, Mark Miller (F) 120-2.5, Johnson (Bl) 113-7.5, Kyle Moore (W) 109-10, Justin Figgins (B) 109-1, and Joshua Miller (F) 101-10.5.

Shot put

Cropper (G) 38-0.5, Rankin (Bl) 37-8, Sodini (EC) 36-11.5, Figgins (B) 36-4.5, Johnson (Bl) 35-11, and Moore (W) 35-4.5.

High jump

Jacob Wilson (EC) 6-0, Dusean Shelton (W) 5-10, Dunlop (Bl) 5-8, Andrew Gabelman (F) 5-8, and Mike Worley (G) 5-6.

Long jump

Drew East (EC) 19-10.5, Andrew Avery (B) 19-8.5, Sodini (EC) 19-3.5, Jesse Graham (W) 17-7, Hall (Bl) 17-5, and Jerrad Turner (W) 17-5.

Pole vault

Turner (W) 10-0 and Cody Watson (W) 10-0.

3,200-meters relay

Felicity (Justin Keltch, Alex Jarman, Gabelman, Elkins) 9:02.4, Blanchester 9:06.47, Georgetown 9:06.47, Georgetown 9:20.76, East Clinton 9:52.64, Batavia 10:11.5, and