Schmidt bests challenger McEwen

Well after 1 a.m. the morning after the election, with a small percentage of the votes in Hamilton County yet to be counted, the unofficial results in the primary race for the second congressional district seat currently held by Jean Schmidt appears to be a win for Schmidt and for democratic hopeful Victoria Wulsin.

Schmidt managed to survive an attempt by former congressman Bob McEwen for the seat, beating him by a little more than 3,000 votes. However, only 98.87 percent of the vote had been counted in Hamilton County, leaving the possibility open for a slight change in that sum. In all, Schmidt beat McEwen 21,958 to 18,947 for a win of 3,011 votes. Wulsin beat her closest competitor, Jim Parker, 5,822 to 5,254, for a winning margin of 568.

However, the win may face some challenges before being declared final in a few weeks.