Debates about the effectiveness of Ulysses S. Grant as President could not tarnish the enthusiasm on display at his 16th annual birthday celebration in Point Pleasant.

Every year the Ohio State Historical Society and the Grant Birthplace Curators sponsor this celebratory event for the 18th President of the United States. Grant was born in Point Pleasant in 1822 along the Ohio River near the mouth of Big Indian Creek. It is a tranquil, remarkably preserved location about four miles south of New Richmond.

Upon entering the three-room, white pine cottage where Grant was born, visitors were greeted by an actress portraying Mrs. Julia Dent Grant, the wife of President Grant. She was dressed in a vintage 19th century costume and initiated conversation with every visitor; at no time did Mrs. Grant break character. There is an information desk and many booths with Grant memorabilia on display.

The curator of the Grant Birthplace, Loretta Fuhrman, is there everyday to answer questions and give visitors a tour of the cottage, which is filled with period furniture. Her knowledge and expertise about the home and the grounds is very helpful and impressive.