No charges filed in death

A nine-year-old girl died Saturday after she jumped from a moving vehicle and was apparently run over by the family car, according to reports. Georgie Hesser, who was traveling with her mother to pick up her sister Megan at the Meadow Creek apartment complex Saturday afternoon, was crushed when the vehicle backed over her accidentally.

According to reports, Hesser was killed when her mother, Patricia, stopped the vehicle and got out to make sure she was not hurt after Georgie jumped from the moving vehicle and fell. According to authorities, however, the vehicle was accidentally put in reverse instead of park, causing it to back over the child as the mother watched. Miami Township rescue personnel were unable to save the child, who died before she could be air-lifted to the hospital.

The fourth-grader at Boyd E. Smith Elementary School in Miami Township was memorialized by friends and neighbors over the weekend with small signs and tokens which were left near the scene of the accident. People also gathered in prayer at the scene of the accident. Although Milford Schools are out for spring break, grief counselors were available at the schools on Monday.

No charges are being filed in the case. It has been officially closed by the Miami Township Police Department.