County not in the running for FutureGen

According to a recent announcement from the FutureGen task force, Clermont County has officially been counted out of the running as a possible site for a revolutionary new power plant. The FutureGen plant, a coal gasification power plant, is designed to be a nearly emissionless power generating plant that will also help produce hydrogen for fuel cell creation. The plant, when built, will also include a research station that will help evaluate the plant and the feasibility of creating more plants like it. Washington Township, located along the Ohio River in Clermont County, was a proposed site for the power plant.

A few months ago, representatives of the task force designed to find a suitable location for the power plant visited Washington Township to determine if the site would be up to the task of supporting the plant. Recently, the task force announced that the site was unsuitable due to circumstances that Washington Township Trustee Tom Dix said was known to the task force before the site was even inspected.