Warrior, Lion tracksters running away from the pack

The New Richmond Invitational saw Goshen place runner-up in both the boys and girls division behind Brossart High School of Kentucky.

The boys team scores were Brossart (B) 137, Goshen (Gos) 113, New Richmond (NR) 112, Cincinnati Hills Christian (C) 77, Western Brown (WB) 58, Batavia (Bat) 28, Mariemont (M) 23, Bethel-Tate (BT) 22, Clermont Northeastern (CNE) 21, Blanchester (Bl) 19, Williamsburg (Wms) 18, Felicity (Fel) 14, Georgetown (G) 13, Eastern (E) 4, and Ripley (R) 1.

Following are the results of the boys events (first through eighth place) with the winning distance or time.

Discus: Troy Cooper (B) 139-feet, 11-inches, Marshall (B), Morgan (WB), Ison (Bat) Chacksfield (C), Nelson (NR), Grever (NR), and Moore (Wms). Shot put: Cooper (B) 53-5, Chacksfield (C), Marshall (B), Ruck (NR), Anspach (BT), Dulle (G), Grever (NR), and Rice (R).

Pole vault: Rickey Schafer (NR) 13-0, Cunningham (CNE), Brusman (Gos), Porter (C), Turner (Wms), Watson (Wms), Daniels (NR), and Long (M). High jump: Andre Higgins (NR) 6-2, Hansmann (B), Dunlap (Bl), Welch (WB), Shelton (Wms), Tedrick (Gos), Shouse (Gos), and Petersen (C). Long jump: Matt Koch (Gos) 20-4.5, Avery (Bat), Richardson (C), Welch (WB), Stump (B), Jones (C), and Gray (NR).

100-meters: Andrew Avery (Bat) 11.80-seconds, Ewald (NR), Waters (B), Cunningham (CNE), Welch (WB), Ware (B), and Stacey (WB). 200: Andrew Ewald (NR) 24.06, Petersen (C), Ware (B), Waters (B), Gray (NR), Stacey (WB), Jones (C), and Cunningham (CNE). 400: Josh Shouse (Gos) 51.10, Hall (C), Baldridge (B), Mills (WB), Leonard (CNE), Hoft (C), Shelton (Wms), and Hendricks (M).

800: Logan Singleton (Gos) 2:06.60, Koch (Gos), Elkins (Fel), Studer (B), Higgins (NR), Osterhage (B), Keltch (Fel), and Zimmerman (E). 1,600: Eric Finan (NR) 4:38.48, Kauffmann (M), Singleton (Gos), Schmidt (B), Elkins (Fel), Cahall (G), Romeo (Gos), and Jones (E). 3,200: Finan (NR) 9:56.97, Kauffmann (M), Singleton (Gos), Cahall (G), Haire (B), Olson (WB), Jarman (Fel), and Cahall (G).

100 high hurdles: Mike Rossman (Gos) 15.66, Hansmann (B), Schmidt (B), Hughes (NR), Roberts (BT), Byrge (Gos), and Daniels (NR). 300 intermediate hurdles: Rossman (Gos) 41.90, Roberts (BT), Hughes (NR), Mitchell (M), Welch (WB), Schmidt (B), Patton (C), and Byrge (Gos).

400 relay: Cincinnati Hills Christian 46.12, Brossart, Bethel, Western, New Richmond, Blan,