Ann Calvello, sports scribe

Events take place in our lives that make us realize we are getting older. Such an incident happened to me last week when I got on the internet to look up information on my favorite female sports hero, Ann Calvello. It was then I discovered she had just passed away on Mar. 14 at the age of 76.

My reaction was very difficult to explain. I was devastated about a person I never knew, but met once at Cincinnati Gardens.

I first became aware of her on television in the late 1960s. Beginning in 1968 an attempt was made by roller derby to develop teams to represent sections of the United States. The teams were the San Francisco Bay Area Bombers led by Bob Hein and Delores Tucker, the Southwest Red Devils who were based out of Phoenix and led by Bob Woodberry and Lydia Clay, the Southern Eagles based out of Atlanta and led by Nick Scopas and Jan Vallow, the Midwest Pioneers based out of Chicago and led by Ronnie Robinson and Joanie Weston, the New York Chiefs led by Charlie O