Four teens charged in 2005 crime spree

Six months of investigative work by the Miami Township Police Department netted four teenagers who have been arrested and charged with numerous counts of crimes, including burglary, breaking and entering, theft and criminal damaging. The crimes, committed in Miami and Symmes townships, began in August of 2005.

According to a press release from the Miami Township Police, two of the teens were charged with crimes involving the stealing of bicycles and items from unlocked cars stemming from August 2005. During that crime spree, the teens have been accused also of breaking into the Miami Boat Club and other incidents involving breaking and entering, theft and criminal damaging. Criminal damaging complaints range from breaking items at the Boy Scouts of America Dan Beard Council firing range, damaging cars and painting graffiti on the sides of businesses. Most of the crimes took place in the Miamiville area.

According to the release, the police suspect the two juveniles, age 15 and 16, of being responsible for numerous other similar crimes, some of which are believed to have happened but not been reported. The youths admitted to throwing the stolen bikes into the Little Miami River, as well as sinking a stolen canoe in the river.