Robbe wins at

The Batavia Wrestling Invitational took place last Saturday. Roger Bacon was the team champion of the 17-team tournament. The Spartans (RB) amassed 311 points, Blanchester (Bl) 255, Madeira (Mad) 214, Wyoming (Wy) 172, Purcell-Marian (P) 155, Batavia (Bat) 154.5, Norwood (N) 128, Fenwick (F) 103, Cincinnati Country 76, Williamsburg (Wms) 60, Clermont Northeastern (CNE) 52, Harmony 46.5, Turpin 44, Mariemont 39, Aiken 24, Hughes Center 22, and Ripley 22.

Batavia senior Jason Robbe was champion of the 130-pound class and Williamsburg senior Steve Jordan was a finalist at 160.

Following are the results of the championship finals matches and the remainder of the Clermont countians who placed among the top seven in each weight class.

103: Britain Longmeir (P) over Tyler Alsip (N).

112: David Carpenter (Mad) over Chris Trimbach (RB). Chad Snell (Bat-5).

119: Dave Harris (RB) over Corey Caeser (Mad). Larry Smith (Bat-3).

125: Ben Hanson (Mad) over Thomas Raabe (RB). Allen Schweickart (Wms-5) and Tony Parker (Bat-6).

130: Jason Robbe (Bat) over Brandyn Hazelwood (Bl).

135: Kevin Cloran (Mad) over Carey Tighe (P). Rob Gacad (Bat-3).

140: Damon Barr (Bl) over Tommy Brougham (RB).

145: Ryan Hammoor (RB) over Jeff Pano (Bl). Richie Ayres (CNE-4).

152: Joe McElroy (Mad) over Chris Kelsch (N). David Rigg (Bat-7).

160: Clayton Newberry (Wy) over Steve Jordan (Wms).

171: Chris Austing (F) over Jason Cook (RB). Danny Loch (CNE-5).

189: Sam Pierson (P) over Matt Earley (Bl). Cody Huxel (CNE-5).

215: Zak Taylor (Bl) over Doug Smith (Bl). Josh Ison (Bat-3).

275: Dominque Steele (N) over Chris Herrington (Bl). John Lynch (Wms-4).

New Richmond took down two Southern Buckeye Conference adversaries in a triangular bout the Lions hosted. The Red and Black flattened Goshen 68-12 and Clermont Northeastern 66-6. There were numerous forfeits involved.

The Lions