Batavia man arrested for trying to pass a forged prescription

A Batavia man was arrested Jan. 11 after the Milford Police investigated a forged prescription report at Krogers. According to police, Ronald B. Peveler, 43, of Bas Road in Batavia, was arrested for forging prescriptions and is also facing other charges.

On Jan. 11 at about 8 p.m., the Milford Police received a call from the Milford Krogers alleging that a man was trying to pass a forged prescription. When the officers arrived and approached Peveler, he reportedly placed his hands in the air and announced that he had a concealed carry permit. Peveler also reportedly admitted to having a drug problem to the police at that time.

Peveler is charged with one count of deception to obtain drugs and one count of illegal processing of drug documents, both a felony of the fourth degree. Peveler also faces a county of having a weapon under disability, a felony of the third degree. Peveler is suspected of passing 24 forged prescriptions since Jan. 2003. Peveler works for a printing company where it is suspected he printed his own prescription pads.