Milford council opposes House bill 304

The city of Milford held its regular council meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 1. During the session, council members expressed their distaste concerning the proposed House Bill 304. Council member James Antell addressed the situation in his Community Development report.

Antell said that his committee recently received a copy of a legislative bulletin from the Ohio Municipal League which referred to House Bill 304. The proposed Bill would essentially remove from the city the right to place liens against rental properties owned by landlords who accumulate outstanding water and sewer bills. Currently, the city of Milford has the right to place liens on such properties in order to collect on unpaid water and sewer bills. If the Bill passes, it will have negative effects on other city residents who will be forced to pick up the slack.

The city has a specific fund set up for water, sewers, and storm sewers which is separate from the general fund. Therefore, all three utility accounts could be effected. If the city is unable to place liens on landlord owned properties with delinquent bills, Milford