New Richmond

This Friday, Sept. 30, New Richmond High School will be celebrating the beginning of its second one-half century of football by honoring the first Lion varsity team.

The Red and Black achieved a 4-3-1 record, most impressive when considering this was a first-year team playing on the varsity level mostly against more experienced teams.

The scores of the games, in chronological order, were Williamsburg 13-0, Hillsboro 12-6, Milford 0-21, North College Hill 0-25, Batavia 0-0, Cincinnati Country Day 0-7, Bethel 27-13, and Sharonville 13-0. New Richmond was in a brief period of no league affiliation between its days as a member of the Clermont County League and the Eastern Hills League. Sharonville today is Princeton High School.

The 1955 Nerihi (New Richmond High School yearbook) included varsity football firsts: first kickoff (Bill Ulrey), first punt received (Norman Moss), first first down (David Hammel), first touchdown (Tom Behymer), first point after touchdown (Claude Cornell on a pass from George Goens), first completed pass (the before mentioned conversion pass), first kickoff returned (Tom Henderson), first fumble recovered (Jim Beckler), first punt (Goens), first safety (Carl Martineck and Buck Peters), and first offensive play (Behymer).

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