Township officials accused of threatening eminent domain

The Union Township Trustees meeting held on Sept. 13 was dominated by accusations that township officials were engaging in shady tactics to complete their agenda. A group of Union Township residents believe that township officials and developers are practicing a form of eminent domain in order to acquire privately owned land for county development.

During the meeting, several distraught residents spoke out publicly against the motives of certain township officials while demanding answers for their actions. These residents are saying that they are being threatened with scare tactics to force them to sell their property so a new fire station and access road can be built in the area around Bach-Buxton Road.

Ron Collier was the first resident to address the trustees. He said that local resident Susan Toomey was the first person to be forced to sell her land so a new fire station could be built on it. Other residents also said that Susan Toomey did not want to sell her land but was threatened to the point that she felt she had no other choice.