McGuire Field closes as Willowville Knothole ends

Willowville has never been one of the busier or noisier communities in Clermont County. There have never been many public identifications with the community.

The village has never had an official boundary, but the first settlers in what is called Willowville arrived about 1835. A post office was established there on Oct. 27, 1866, with Jacob Meyer Jr. serving as the first postmaster. It received its name because of the large number of willow trees in the area. The post office did not exist for long, it was discontinued on Dec. 7, 1868, and the mail for the residents was transferred to the Olive Branch post office.

There was also a station of the Cincinnati, Georgetown, and Portsmouth (CG&P) Railroad. The CG&P overpass can still be seen spanning Shaylor Run on the south side of Old state Route 74 between Harrison Lane and Stoddard Lane. Also in the community is Traction Road that had been the road bed for the CG&P.

The most famous business in town had been The Hut, a tavern famous for its men