Batavia motorcycle track draws complaints from local residents

In recent months, the village of Batavia has been receiving complaints from local area businesses and residents concerning the motocross track located in town.

The motocross track is owned by Nick Ruebel, who also owns and operates the Red Barn flea market. The track is located near the Red Barn flea market on Haskell Lane. The business allows people to race Motorcycles and other ATVs on three different dirt tracks for recreational purposes.

However, the amount of dust which is created by the riders on the track, along with the continual loud noise from the vehicles has become a nuisance to some residents and businesses. These people have expressed their discomfort to council members and village police.

Batavia Mayor John Thebout recently visited with Mr. Ruebel concerning the complaints the village has received. Mayor Thebout said that Mr. Ruebel has made attempts to curb the problem concerning the dust. Thebout also suggested that Mr. Ruebel attend the latest village council meeting held on Aug. 1, to discuss his situation with council members. Unfortunately, Mr. Ruebel was unable to attend the meeting, but instead sent a letter which Mayor Thebout read during his monthly report.

In his letter, Mr. Ruebel acknowledges the problem with the dust created by the use of his track. He also cites the various improvements he has attempted to make in order to cut down on the dust.