Amelia dominates County Knothole Tournament, Goshen, Milford, W-G, and CNE also win crowns

The Clermont County Knothole season is over with the conclusion of the 60th Annual county tournament. Amelia was the dominant force winning six of the 14 division championships. Goshen earned three crowns, Milford and Willowville-Glen Este two each and Clermont Northeastern one.

County Knothole Supervisor Gene Blom has reported the following results.

Class A Senior – Losers bracket: Willowville-Glen Este Strykers calmed Amelia Rage.

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Willowville-Glen Este Strykers (coach Kevin Siler) dehibernated Goshen Cubs (coach Larry Godby).

Class A Junior – Losers bracket: Tealtown Tarheels tarred Goshen Warriors, stuck it to Williamsburg Wildcats, and broke Willowville-Glen Este Bats.

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Amelia Giants (coach Gene Gabbard) towered over Tealtown Tarheels (coach Bob Gordon).

Class B Junior Gold Division – Losers bracket: Milford Fury infuriated Clermont Northeastern Sliders, Milford Bombers detonated Milford Fury, blew up Batavia Braves, and brought down Goshen Redhawks. Winners bracket: Withamsville-Tobasco Panthers defused Milford Bombers and plucked Goshen Redhawks.

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Milford Bombers (coach Paul Estes) declawed Withamsville-Tobasco Panthers (coach Doug Hewitt).

Class B Junior Silver Division – Losers bracket: Amelia Fireballs burned Amelia Jayhawks, morganed Clermont Northeastern Raiders, put down Milford Patriots, and pulled down Bethel Red Sox, and Milford Patriots rebelled Milford Mets. Winners bracket: Amelia Fireballs bowled over Goshen Tigers.

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Amelia Fireballs (coach Dan Pollack) overheated Goshen Tigers (coach Lewis Taulbee).

Class C Senior Gold Division – Losers bracket: Milford Cardinals split Milford Blackhawks.

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Amelia Bulldogs (coach Marty Heckard) ate up Milford Cardinals (coach Chuck Hoyas).

Class D Senior Gold Division – Losers bracket: Milford Storm drowned Tealtown Sharks. Winners bracket: Milford Storm cloudbursted Tealtown Scorpions.

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Milford Storm (coach Brian Fender) flooded Tealtown Scorpions (coach Don Robinson).

Class D Junior Silver Division – Winners bracket: Amelia Dusters cleansed Clermont Northeastern Blazers.

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Amelia Dusters (coach Donnie Blankenship) cleaned up on Clermont Northeastern Tigers (coach Eric Jacobs).