Village council and business owner at odds over landscape

Local business owner Dave Kunz recently met with the Batavia Village Council to discuss possible changes to the landscape in the route 32 right-of-way leading into Batavia.

Kunz operates a business on College Drive at the entrance to the Village of Batavia. His property merges with the right-of-way green space near the exit ramp from route 32. The right-of-way contains a landscape consisting of an assortment of trees which were planted for aesthetic purposes.

The property that Kunz now occupies was formerly a salvage yard and has long been an eyesore to the village. A row of pine trees were planted near the property along with other species, which have allowed the area to become more attractive.

What concerns Kunz is the limited visibility of his business due to the pine trees in the right-of-way lining the length of his property. He asked council members to allow him to remove the pine trees so travelers along 32 would be able to see his business clearly.