Historical school being moved to Brown County

The old Williamsburg Township District No. 9 School has been broken down and removed to the Ohio Valley Antique Machinery (OVAM) Grounds in Georgetown, Ohio. The break down of the building began June 4, 2004.

The No. 9 School was known as the Alpine School and it stood on the northwest corner of Ashton Road and State Route 133. A brick found in the building lends support to the belief that it was constructed sometime before the Civil War. On the brick is carved Y. W. Waits 1860.

Other items of interest found in the building was a chalkboard, coat hooks, a stick man and the year 1881 drawn with pencil on one brick, and 666 drawn on another brick.

Exploration on the site uncovered a well in the northeast corner that still had its cement top. It is believed the outhouse may have been located in the northwest corner.

The dimensions of the schoolhouse were 30-feet by 25-feet. The origin of the school name is unknown as is the background for the names of many of the county