East Fork could develop into the United States

Plans to increase the facilities for rowing competitions at East Fork State Park are currently being discussed.

The most spectacular of the projects is the Lighthouse Finish Tower that would be constructed on the edge of Harsha Lake at the finish line.

The structure would be designed to be a facility for the judging and timing of rowing events. At the base would be a nautilus-shaped ramp that would encompass a play area for children. The design would give the impression of a wave crashing against the tower. The tower itself would be constructed of concrete, metal, steel, and stone panels to give it durability and a sense of permanence. The wave form, that would be constructed of fabric, would also serve as a sunshade.

The tower will be 40 to 50 feet high and will include an open observation area for announcers and cameras at the top, a covered space for rowing event judges, and a level inside the structure for electronic timers and a publishing area for the event results.

Around the tower will be a play area that would include a water slide, a climbing wall, swings, and other equipment for exercise that would be stored in the tower when it is not being used.

The tower is being planned to honor Clermont countians and other Greater Cincinnatians who have had vision and who themselves have honored and provided inspiration for generations of rowers.

The design for the tower is being developed by David Vonderbrink of PDT Architecture/Planning/Interior Design.

Bill Engeman, the father of rowing in Clermont County and president of the Greater Cincinnati Rowing Foundation, said,